Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summertime...On Repeat

It's summertime. ☀ Officially that is. Of course, it's felt like summer since, well...last summer. This year  I think Florida made a bit of a mess up and accidentally forgot about winter. It's as if our seasons have become a broken record and we are stuck on a summer repeat. But ya know...even though I never really got a chance to miss it this year, I suppose I am still happy to see it's sunshiny face again.  Mostly just because it is the start of a new season and I do love beginnings.So far this year, I have made a surprisingly and shamefully low amount of trips to the beach or pool, but here are a few snippets of the beginnings of my summertime :

✸ - By the way, that little doll baby of a girl is a lovely little one I am lucky enough to call my sister in law. She has the sweetest, happiest heart and I'm pretty convinced she's one of God's finer creations. 

This summer is going to be an extra special good one. I'm headed off on a girl's trip to Key West pretty soon and it will be my first time there.😍 😍 😍   I am caarrraarazzzy excited. Yay for new adventures in a new city.♥ The rest of my summertime I plan to...

Take 17 billion pictures.
Eat just as many strawberry popsicles.
Have fun bright summerefied nails all summer long.
Wear only sundresses.
Read as many books as I can get my hands on.
At least once, wake up early enough to see the sunrise on the beach.
And make my first ever homemade pie.

So...yay for summer! It's gonna be a good one... 



  1. Adorable underwater photos, I still have some of you and your brother! May I join your summer plans, I'll substitute a different popsicle flavor though, :) (you don't even like pie)

  2. Haha, I know! But they are so pretty and I really wanna make one. Guess I'll just give it away when I'm done. Of course, you can join my summer plans :)

  3. liking the list :3 i'm definitely planning on taking tons of photos too!

  4. Yep your list looks good, the only thing your missing is seeing your sisters :P I will be doing likewise with books and nails and I made a red velvet brownie cheesecake thing from scratch the other day and am planning on making a cake;I hope you have lots of fun with the pie!

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  6. I love your plan for summer! All fun things ahead.

    And I love your sunglasses in the first photo. They look great on you!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

    PS: I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Learn more about it on my blog :)