Monday, June 11, 2012



✰ I have been indulging. Uh oh. Where did this terrible, terrible sweet tooth come from?? It is evil. And normally my evil temptations are confined more to the salty, fried variety. Dessert are just so dang pretty and alluring. Ahhh! Why am I such a sucker for pretty foods?? These are the delicious temptations that           took me down this week. Picture confessions :

✰-It has been raining. And by raining I do many pouring. Non - stop - for like 2 weeks now. And apparently there are storms in the forecast for every day this week. Goody. I love rain. My absolute favorite thing on planet Earth. I would be much better suited living in Seattle than the sunshine state. This is my favorite time in Florida, when it rains every day. I shall enjoy every lovely drop.
                This is what it has looked like out my window every day as of late. Gorgeous rain.
This is me getting completely and utterly drenched. Shoes totally soaked through.

✰ - Making little road trips. On the road is my favorite place to be. This year, instead of making any big cross country trips, we have been making lots of quick little semi-local trips. Exploring more and more little Florida cities. Most of them, off the beaten path. There are so many amazing things to see here. (One of these days I will have to make a post on the top things to see in Florida - according to this little lifetime Florida resident anyways.) This weekend we made a little 2 hour road trip to see my 15 year old brother in laws soccer tournament in Ponte Vedra. It was cancelled due to rain less than 2 minutes after we got there. I kid you not. Buuuut, we made the most of it. And I visited another city I'd never been to. Aaaand we drove home the whole way on A1A looking at the coast. I t coulda been worse.

                                                    Me on the start of our little road trip.
           Randy being typical silly Randy on the soccer field. Craziest kid you will ever meet. Seriously.
And our pretty drive home.

✰ - Reading the Hobbit. I'm not terribly into it. About a quarter of the way in and I can't say it has really captivated me yet. Maybe it will get better...??? Still trying to figure out this blog... wishing I had even the slightest technical tendencies. I adore having a writing outlet and hopefully someday soon I will enjoy designing this blog to make it a little prettier... Learning little by little. Oh, and doing loads of online shopping. Hello Modcloth!!!!

That's all. That's a bit of me lately. XOXO


  1. It has been raining here too every single day. You look skinny; glad your eating doughnuts. Love you, Mom

  2. Rain is wonderful <3 I've been going through a sugar craze recently too! (Blaming it on the humidity :P)


    1. yes, blaming the humidity will work for me too ;)

  3. Yeah those desserts are tempting, aren't they? The other day we saw a bunch of people fundraising by selling Krispy Creme donuts. Bad idea. We bought a whole box!

    You look so cute with your head scarf. I know how you like them. (Last post.)

    If it's any consolation, I was never in to the Ring books. I tried but fantasy is just too "out there" for me. Now I read nothing but nonfiction so I really do prefer reality. :)

    Don't worry about not having your blog "figured out." You're doing great, just being you.

  4. Thanks grace, you really are the sweetest!!

  5. Can you say jealousy?? Man, I wish our parents would let me eat donuts when ever I felt like it.....

  6. Ah! How did I not know you had a blog?! I'm so glad I finally caught wind of it. :) So you're definitely making me miss Florida. With all the little cities and the Summer (tropical) storms. Although I do hope it eases up and you get some sunshine. :)

  7. Aww, thanks Jodi ) And that's just because i just started one. Florida is lovely, but I am a bit jealous (and enjoy hearing about) your adventures in other cities :)