Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Surprises.

This weekend was a real rarity. Randy and I both had two days off in a row yaaaay! Thank you memorial day! So we packed up our bags, and our sweet tortoise, and got in the car and drove to Tallahassee. Because sometimes you just have to take a spontaneous four hour trip home to surprise your mother who hasn't seen your face since Christmas :) Surprises are the BEST. Isn't that look on her face priceless?? In fact, the look of surprise on someone's face just might be one of the best things life has to offer.  

Aren't they the cutest? The both of them. The mom and the little grass eater. Another lovely weekend has come and gone and I'm in another countdown until the next one.  XOXO

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Adventures of a Girl in Wonderland.

So... I have officially decided to delve into the world of blogging. There is apparently a whole little lovely world created for people who like to write pretty things and take pretty pictures and share how they see the world and get little sneak peeks into how others live their lives and view this crazy, wonderful world. Waaaait...whaaat??!! That's me! This world of blogging must have been made for me! And I've been wandering around completely unaware of this little nugget of information! Ok, ok "completely" is a bit of an exaggeration. In fact, my mom has been an avid blogger for several years now. I guess I've just never really taken the time to even think about whether it was something I was interested in or not. Until very recently that is. And partly because of instagram. My newest obsession. And the one thing I've found is that everyone who I have chosen to follow on istagram all have one thing in common, they blog. And they make it look rather appealing. And I'm pretty sure that it has actually enriched my mom's life.So in my rather typical, impulsive fashion, I woke up this morning and decided to just start a blog. So, here goes. If you so choose to subject yourselves to my future rantings and ramblings then this is it. This is me. And this is the adventures of a girl in wonderland.