Monday, August 20, 2012

Particularly lovely for no particular reason

Particularly lovely for no particular reason - today. Today was kind of perfect. Monday. Should've been doing mounds of laundry and cleaning and generally preparing for the coming week. However, being adventurous>being responsible. Always. Life is short. So randy and I drove around searching out every possible thrift store and exploring quirky Florida. Quirky Florida that never ceases to surprise us with its never ending supply of weirdness. And I decided to try out the "picture an hour" fun that ended up being a hundred pictures every hour. Here are a few worth remembering and therefore uploading to my memory vault that is this blog...

Antique dominoes set that might be the sweetest find ever found.


Lunch-Larry's giant subs. Scrumptious.

Randy found 15$. Holla!

Most beautiful day. Sunshine and rain.

Hello weird Florida, what even is this? Some random Romanesque columns in the middle of some side road leading to some abandoned, undeveloped community we stumbled upon. A very fancy entrance to ... Nothing.

Prettiest drive.

Most adorable thrift shop.

Sweetest boy very excited about shaved ice food carts.

Coffee and rainy views...

Purposefully enjoying all the hours, and minutes, and seconds❤