Friday, June 1, 2012

June Obsessions

Hellllooooo June. Lovely June... Ready or not here I am, middle of the year June...  Hot as hell in Florida June...  Sweetest name over all other months June. ♥
But really... if I was the namer of months, all months would have sweet little names like June.
"June, a sweetly old fashioned month name, was long locked in a time capsule with June Allyson and June Cleaver, but is now being rediscovered and is a new hipster favorite middle name."
`I love June. I've just decided. In fact, it's my new favorite.

And theses are all the things I'm loving this June...

♡ - One Piece Vintage Swimsuits. Can't get enough. Can't freaking get enough. I just want to buy hundreds of them. And this is my favorite, from one of my favorites... Modcloth. Can't order it soon enough! And all of The Beautiful Mess blog readers probably already saw the lovely Elsie donning it a couple of weeks ago. I can only hope to pull it off as well as she did :)))

♡ - Mustard yellow and mint green. The colors. Ahhh. All consumed with these 2 beauties. Out of the clear blue too.   I think everything I've bought recently has been mint green ... and I'm currently redecorating my bathroom with mustard yellow. I could just bathe in these two colors right nowwww. :))))

♡ - Record player listening. Kinda the best. Every night when we get home lately, my husband and I just sit around, relax, talk , and listen to vinyl. Sooo sweet. We've got that vinyl fever. Guess what I'm doing right now??? Wine in hand and Credence Clearwater in my ears... via vinyl. Perfection.

                  My sweet guy and his dad going through old records and below, our little record setup.

♡ - Girls. As in the new HBO show. Only show I'm watching, in fact. I'm in an anti - T.V. mode, exception Girls. On repeat. Over and over. Love it. Bust my gut, can't stop laughing, I actually had to put it on pause because I was laughing so hard and didn't want to miss anything funny. Quirky, awkward, amazing dialogue and just soooo good. 

♡ - Head Scarves. My favorite of all favorites right now. Want to have one wrapped around my head every waking moment. Makes me feel like I'm living in a different era than everyone else and that's my favorite feeling. Old fashioned. Old soul. 

Hope everyone has a most lovely June♥  What's everyone else loving right now?

XOXO - Amanda


  1. That's the exact bathing suit I want..And I love your head scarves.

  2. Then I say you have good taste ;) you're skinny butt will look way better in it than mine will!

  3. I always knew you were born old baby, this is my kind of post.....Mom

  4. So, you want wear a green and yellow vintage bathing suit with a matching head scarf, in the month of June, while laughing to "Girls" and dancing to CCR. Sounds good to me. :)

  5. Yay for June! Loving the swimsuit- it's cute and there's no need to worry about having a super-pale stomach xD