Monday, July 9, 2012

Makin good memories. That's what we are a doin.

I'm at the tail end of a deliciously wonderful weekend. It was one of those (often occurring) two day spells where we cram packed as many fun times as we possibly could into a 48 hour period. This is something we do as often as we possibly can. Life is just too dadgum short to not purposely enjoy every second you can. Makin good memories. That's what we are a doin.

Blue springs. Insanely wonderfully gorgeous. We had to wait in a 45 minute line just to get into the park(even though we got there at 10:30 in the morning) good. Let me just tell you, natural springs were God's sweet little gift to Florida. One might think that beaches were Florida's strong suit, but I might have to disagree. There's something magical about a Florida spring. Perfect tubing heaven. Alligator gar up the wazoo. More than you could imagine. And sweet, sweet manatees. We got lucky enough to see several this weekend, including this adorb mama/baby duo that just might've topped my "cutest things I've seen in life" list. Seriously. And definitely topped my favorite picture list. Gahhh. Can't get enough.

YouTube Video

Then we got lucky enough to see Bob Marley and the Original Wailers. Sans Bob Marley. Obviously. Can we just take a minute to soak in the incredible awesomeness of this?!?! You know how sometimes you hype up a band so big and look forward to seeing them and then get super let down because they just don't deliver? Things just don't pan out like they did in your head? Well, this was the exact opposite of that scenario. As in, everything was perfect, just as it should be, better than expectations, bigger than life performance. Crazy, magical, less than 500 people, cozy little venue. Kind of the best.

Now let's not say the whole weekend was perfect. We are all familiar enough with life at this point to know that's just not gonna happen. The boys might've gotten trapped in an elevator for half an hour until the fire dept came and rescued them. My husband might've ripped off part of his toe and toenail while tubing. My friends car might've overheated. The boys might've drove to a waterpark only to find out that it was closed because half of Daytona was out out power. My brother-in-law might've drove off with his brand new iPad on the roof of the car and cracked the screen. We might've even left all of our delicious, expensive Thai leftovers in the car overnight to spoil. But these things- minor. Cause we are making so many sweet memories. So much sweet life is happening to worry about the small things. Magic weekend. Loved every minute. All the minutes. Good and not so good. Cause really they are all good. :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend...Amanda Carol shouted, "She bought my bathing suit!" when she saw this post.....what's on your face...a monroe?

  2. I love the photos! Looks like such a fun time :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}